Rob at  Audubon Park  near his home in Henderson, Kentucky.

Rob at Audubon Park near his home in Henderson, Kentucky.

I’m a dad, a retired judge, a banjo player, a Kentucky State Representative, an amateur programmer and statistician. I do my programming in R, my version control in Github, and my blogging in Squarespace. (Jekyll wore me out!) Two Kaggle competitions challenged my programming skills. The first was predicting who survived the Titanic and the second was predicting housing prices in Ames, Iowa. Lately, I’ve been scraping Legislative Research Commission webpages using “rvest”.

I’m interested in feedback loops, quantification of uncertainty, probability, the half-life of facts, economics and game theory. In short, I’m interested in learning about the world in a more mathematical, objective and firsthand way.

The landing page photo is a map of 1854 London by Dr. John Snow. Dr. Snow was investigating a cholera outbreak and, based on the map, recommended the removal of the Broad Street pump handle to prevent the spread of cholera. He hypothesized that the disease was being spread through the water supply and it predated the germ theory of disease. In his book, Visual Explanations, renown visualist, Edward Tufte, referred to Dr. Snow’s map as one of the two great visualizations in modern history.